Our Mission

Our Mission

Pink Defying Gravity, Inc. is a dynamic 501(c)3 non-profit organization with a mission to empower young women beyond the classroom.

Empower. Inspire. Equip

Founded in 2010, the organization has evolved into a beacon of empowerment, offering transformative initiatives designed to help young women navigate and conquer the challenges of daily life.


Through leadership conferences, campus pods, and various community and fundraising events, Pink Defying Gravity fosters critical thinking, leadership development, sisterhood, civic engagement, and career exposure. The organization is committed to creating unique experiences for the young women it serves, instilling values of strength, resilience, and solidarity.


Pink Defying Gravity, Inc. is dedicated to shaping a future where every young woman can boldly and confidently face the world before her.

Our programs

Pink Leads the Way: Stem

Through the Women in STEM component, the program collaborates with women in STEM careers from various Houston corporations. This collaboration aims to immerse the participants in the world of STEM, offering insights into potential career paths and fostering a sense of inspiration and curiosity.

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pink leads the way: first Gen

The program is committed to supporting first-generation college students, who make up approximately 43% of the participants, by addressing the unique challenges they face in navigating the college application and financial aid process.

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leadership conferences

Our leadership conferences stand as the heartbeat of our program, offering a concentrated burst of inspiration, education, and empowerment. This one-day event encapsulates the program’s broader commitment to preparing young women for success beyond the classroom.

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from our tribe

  • PDG brings out the best in all they encounter. For over a decade I have watched women from all walks of life support, encourage, and love the young women of our tomorrow. The work that they do is impactful, necessary, and positive.

    M. Taylor


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